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Just Released: Ruled by Fate



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“A true example of great storytelling, fascinating characters that stir the imagination keeping you on the edge as Cameron and Brianna mount this incredible love story."

-ROBERT CHARLES | Author of The Trillion Dollar Gal:The New Sisterhood of Power​-

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Sam Withrow & Amelia Rose Pinkis

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Spooky Forest

“Ruled by Fate” by Sam Withrow and Amelia Pinkis is a captivating blend of supernatural intrigue and heartfelt storytelling that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Brianna Weldon, the relatable protagonist, embarks on an extraordinary journey after her ordinary life collides with the supernatural. The authors skillfully weave a tale of suspense and destiny, where Brie’s encounters with evil forces and her guardian angel, Cameron, leading to a perilous adventure. The story’s pacing is impeccable, drawing readers in from the very first page and holding their attention until the exhilarating conclusion.

What sets this book apart is its exploration of free will and destiny, themes that resonate deeply throughout the narrative. Brie’s struggles with accepting her newfound responsibilities, coupled with the enigmatic powers of her mother’s pendant, create a compelling dynamic. With well-developed characters and a plot full of twists and turns, “Ruled by Fate” is a must-read for fans of supernatural fiction. With every page, Withrow and Pinkis craft a world where the line between ordinary and extraordinary blurs, leaving readers questioning their own beliefs about fate and choice.

The authors’ also masterfully incorporate elements of humor that are expertly woven into the story. The authors’ witty dialogue and clever narrative choices provide moments of levity, offering a delightful balance to the intense supernatural battles and emotional struggles faced by the characters. These well-timed moments of humor not only add depth to the characters but also enhance the overall reading experience, making the book a truly engaging and enjoyable read.

-DISCOURSE | Literary Titan

Misty Forest


the story

Brianna Weldon has finally done it — convinced herself it was all a hallucination. Of course her mother wasn’t attacked by shadowy monsters in the woods. Of course her ancestral pendant didn’t magically heal her from fatal injuries after the accident. Of course a guardian angel didn’t come to save her life. But no sooner has she driven off to a fresh start in Virginia than it all happens again: her pendant wakes up, the monsters attack, and the angel Cameron returns to save her life. Brie does what any sensible young nurse graduate would do in those circumstances — asks where the hell he’s been, and punches him in the face.​ ​ Brie and Cameron have no idea why she seems to be at the epicenter of all the bizarre supernatural happenings and unexplained deaths going on up and down the eastern coast. Plus, they have their own problems to deal with. Can Cameron defy every law of his people to stay with her and keep her safe? How will Brie explain his presence to her best friend? Why is Brie’s pendant changing her? And how will they be able to resist their forbidden attraction when they’re perfect for each other?​ ​ Thrust into an adventure they never asked for, they’ll soon find themselves in a battle against a foe more deadly than they ever could have imagined.


“I love, love, LOVED this book!! It is the perfect combination of fantasy, action, and romance, not to mention the humor, which was both unexpected and refreshing. I found myself laughing out loud more than once (Sherry is the best side character I’ve ever read). And the slow burn between Cameron and Brianna…mmm! Perfection!


Author of Wine In My Sippy Cup

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